Sample GED Test Questions

Review sample GED test questions before taking your GED exam. Use the links on this page to help you prepare for your GED test. Below are all the best sample GED questions gathered for your convenience. Use these links to review sample ged exam questions and score higher on your GED test.

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preparing to take the ged

There are some great internet resources that can help you prepare to take the GED test. For instance, at GEDonline you can take the official GED Practice Tests developed by the GED Testing Service, grade them online, and study using online interactive practice lessons. The site hosts a great community of people who are all after the same thing ... success taking the GED.

There's also GEDforFree where you can take a complete online GED Preparation Course for free. This two-hundred page course, presented as an online class, is designed for adults with a ninth-grade education or higher. The information provides you with a solid foundation in the GED topics, includes helpful tips and strategies.

About the GED Test

The GED test covers basic reading and understanding fundamentals as well as math, science and social studies. It covers the following areas:

  • Writing - Grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure; with multiple-choice questions and a 200-word story to write.
  • Math - decimals, fractions, percentages and basic math problems; multiple-choice problems where you need to add, subtract, multiply and divide without using a calculator.
  • Social Studies - Geography using maps and charts, history; with 66 multiple-choice questions.
  • Science - biology, chemistry, earth and physical sciences; with multiple-choice questions.
  • Literature and the Arts - Reading and comprehension; with multiple-choice questions.

The GED test lasts roughly 7 hours and 35 minutes. Specific testing protocol varies by state. You may be able to take the test in parts or retake the test if you fail. But, getting your GED is an important step in your career and your education. Take preparing for the test seriously.

The standard scores for the GED tests range from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 800 on each test. To pass, the test taker must achieve at least 65% correct answers. This translates to a score of at least 410 on each GED test to pass it, and an overall average score of 450 for the five-test battery.